Last week a group of 8 participants with different professions (art historians, conservators and religious heritage specialists) meet for a Socratic Dialogue in Stockholm. The topic of the Socratic Dialogue; What is Value?  The dialog question was specially addressed to building related art in churches as it has played a central part in our risk assessment and vibration mitigation related work during the five year tunneling project in Stockholm. The dialogue highlighted questions like; “What is a valuable object?” and “What makes one object more valuable than another?”.

We got the inspiration for Socratic Dialogues from the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. Since 2008 they frequently use this dialogue form on different topics in the field of cultural heritage.

We are grateful to our inspiring and professional moderator, Dr. Bill Wei from Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands who moderated this dialogue for us. It was a very rewarding session and provided insight on how to look at these aspects. Next year we hope we are able arrange more Socratic dialogues on different topics related to art in buildings.

Click here to read more in Inbjudan_What is value.

For more reading about Socratic Dialogue on Value we recommend latest AIC News, Now 2013, Vol. 38, No. 6 (p. 8-9).